7 Things People Do That Dogs Hate

We all love our dogs and would never knowingly do anything that they don’t like. However, there are some common behaviours that we may be guilty of that are upsetting our furry best friends without us even knowing. Check them out!

Staring lovingly

We think we’re gazing lovingly into their eyes, they think we are challenging them. Although you’re probably perfectly safe to stare down your own dog without them reacting to your ‘challenge’, they certainly won’t enjoy it as in their world, long eye contact has a whole different meaning.

Tight Hugs

We are not suggesting for a second that your pooch doesn’t enjoy regular love and attention from you, their all time favourite person. Strangers, children or super tight huggers are a different matter entirely! If you think about it, hugging is a completely alien concept for dogs – it is not a way they naturally show affection. In fact, in the canine world, close body contact is more likely to be an attempt of domination or control. Some pooches love being hugged by anyone and everyone but most dogs would rather be greeted by strangers with a pat or stroke.


Children can be particularly guilty of this one! Offering a treat or toy and snatching it away at the last second or chasing an unwilling dog can seem like a very fun game for young children but is not fun at all for your pooch. Instead, teach children to respect and show kindness to your dog and channel their animal interaction energy for positive things – show them how to teach Fido a trick!


Yelling is interpreted as aggressive barking and will only serve to frighten and confuse your dog. Using shouting as a training technique should be always be avoided. Instead, use the pitch of your voice to get your message across – higher pitched phrases indicate “good job” or “let’s play!” whereas lower pitches indicate “I’d like your attention” or “stop that”.

Alone Time

Dogs are pack animals, they are naturally social and do not enjoy spending long periods alone. Dogs left alone regularly can develop separation anxiety, excessive barking and even depression! Your dog is one of the family and needs just as much attention as everyone else! Naturally, sometimes we have to leave the house for prolonged periods and cannot take Rover with us. Not to worry, book a Mad Paws sitter for a House Visit or Dog Walk to break up your pooch’s day!

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

We’ve all heard the old saying, right? But there’s truth to it! Particularly for older dogs or those with impaired hearing who may not hear you approaching. Being woken suddenly from a deep slumber can be frightening and should be avoided. If you need to wake up your dog, try to wake them gently by stroking and talking softly to them. Children in particular should be taught not to disturb your slumbering furry family member.

Changes To Routine

Pooches are creatures of habit. Waking, feeding, walking and bed time all form part of their daily routine. Even the times you leave and return from work become part of the daily cycle. Changes to routine can leave you with a stressed, anxious dog. Try to keep their days as regular as possible without disruption. If you’re out for a long day, avoid disrupting their routine by booking a Mad Paws sitter to pop in, feed and walk your pooch to keep things moving like clockwork! ​

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